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Ludford Parish Plan

The Ludford Village or Parish Plan was done in 2004, updated in 2007 and 2008.

It contains 10 Action points. The Parish Council believes strongly that residents in the Parish of Ludford should be involved with local government. The Parish Council aims to refresh the plan once again as soon as possible.

Action Point 1. Recognise the need for a local shopping facility in outlying areas.

Action Point 2. Recognise the need for an additional footpath along the River Teme

Action Point 2b.Support the Conservation and preservation activities undertaken on Whitcliffe Common

Action Point 3. Support the development of Healthcare provision

Action Point 4.   Obtain information from traffic surveys when undertaken with Ludlow in order to improve access and minimise the impact that any changes have within the Parish

Action Point 5.  Seek to extend the conservation area around the Southern Boundary

Action Point 6. Housing Provision , policy should reflect the majority wishes.

Action Point 7. The Parish Council will protect the rural character of Ludford

Action Point 8. Actively pursue a weight limit for Ludford Bridge

Action Point 8b. Enforcement of current speed limits throughout the Parish

Action Point 9. Street Lighting Schemes

Action Point 10. Improve communication between Ludford parish Council and residents, development of a Bulletin/Newsletter and a website.

Please see document attached for updates.


Parish Plan document Parish Plan document